Rana George

Counselor, Psychic, and Medium




I had a Lenormand reading with Rana George yesterday and it was amazing. The Grand Tableau really comes alive so that you start seeing your life in startling detail. It's also great to see how the principles for reading can be used in such a fluid, seemingly uncomplicated way. The way she reads is immediate and practical.
Mary K. Greer

Just had a Grand Tableau reading with Rana George. Life-altering. I don't normally get professional readings--I think the last time was a decade ago. But I am a Lenormand apprentice and I wanted to see how a grand master does it. Now I have. Thank you for EVERYTHING, Rana.
Diane Brandt Wilkes, PA

I had an amazing human contact with Rana. At the core of course was the Grand Tableau which translated my situation accurately.  I was heavenly surprised how Rana took her time - not only to take me through the reading and explain the cards - and I really mean took her time - as long as was needed to seek clarification from the cards and answer all my questions, and set me off on a smoother path. Rana is a friend who takes you by the hand, provides sound counsel along the way, brings you to higher perspective and life essentials. There is no sugarcoating in her reading and yet she has that unique ability of bringing back faith in tomorrow whatever the outcome. Thank you for caring Rana.
Ami, Mauritius

Today was my first full Lenormand reading. Rana is a fabulous reader, insightful, compassionate, and straight forward. Also I learned a lot about how useful and flexible a Grand Tableau can be...especially in Rana's skilled, experienced, and compassionate hands. Thank you so much Rana!
Barbara Moore

Rana's Grand Tableau readings are hands down one of of the most precisely eerie experiences one can have. You don't need to tell her your situation: SHE KNOWS. It comes through the cards very clearly, including genders and descriptions, events, everything (past, present, future). It became very clear to me the consequences of trying something, and the alternative if I changed course. This gave me control over my destiny, and incredible clarity. Thanks, Rana, for your generous spirit, wisdom, and skills. You are a Super Seer.xo

I had the distinct honor of having Rana give me a Grand Tableau reading at the 2012 Readers Studion in New York. I was immediately impressed by Rana's generosity of spirit and warm, friendly nature. The reading that I received from Rana was accurate and assisted me in coming to terms with a bad situation that had erupted suddenly in my family. Rana is truly the a fabulous psychic healer and mystic. I would recommend her to anyone seeking a meaningful, true and accurate reading.

I absolutely love and treasure Rana George!  I had a reading / tutorial with her with the Lenormand GT.  Rana, I love how you explained each card and step along the way, it was easy to follow how you read it.  You were so patient with me, and willing to answer any questions along the way. (which I thought of a lot more questions after!)
I learned more from you during my reading, then the whole time that I've been trying to learn the Lenormand!   I am super excited to listen back to the recording and follow along with you again, as you read the GT. I will keep you posted in the events that happen.   Even more excited for your book coming out.

Dawn Sowilo Ontario, Canada

Rana sat down with me and I immediately was in awe of the accuracy of my reading. She had more insight and guidance for me than I've gotten from some of my friends and close family. Not only was my reading helpful and inspiring, but her warmth and generosity also made me want to come back for another. I cannot say enough good things about Rana not only for her talent, but who she is.
Rachel S. IL

You answered every question regarding my work. You reassured me when I was worried. You were always right. I always trusted you and I always will Rana.
Nabil S. Canada

I have known Rana for almost 24 years and she has been reading my cards for almost all these years.  I remember the first few times I came to Rana with a specific problem or dilemma and she read the cards and gave me some insight and it actually did happen as she said it, it freaked me out how true she was.  A few other times, as our relationship grew, she would give me advice about certain things and I knew to just follow them because time had shown me how gifted she truly is!  She has read cards for me, done numerology and astrology readings and I have yet to find someone more accurate and insightful than Rana is.  Thank you Rana for all that you have done.
Dina S. Potomac, MD

I had heard quite a bit about Rana’s abilities before having the chance to meet her in person. To me she was renowned for the biggest skeptics turned believers. I being the biggest skeptic was anxious yet nervous to meet her. Upon my first meeting with her, despite the fact that she spoke at the speed of lightening, I sensed a strong matriarchal and calming energy. She is a protector and your friend to guide you. With no words she is able to intercept between your subconscious and conscious existence to bridge the gap and in return create harmony. My experience with her was to align my chakras and clean my aura. Right after the experience, I felt a strong sense of serenity. More alarmingly though, was that a little over a month after, I felt misaligned and my subconscious told my conscious to reach out to Rana once again. Rana immediately intercepted with sound guidance and exercises to help realign my energy. It’s a fortune to have someone as spiritually mature and genuine as Rana around.
Rola S. Canada

Rana's readings are honest, genuine and right on point.  She will not be compromised and I really felt that she didn't share with me falsities that I wanted to hear, but rather provided me an honest astrological reading for my daughter that I know will be useful for me to use in guiding her throughout my daughter's life to come.  Meeting Rana in person is also a wonderful experience in itself ---  she evokes a spiritual energy so bright and so special that one feels blessed to be in her presence.  I know I do.
Geeta D. MD

Rana, I have known you for a very long time. You've always been enlightened and guided me through many difficult times. You taught me how to use my energy positively which was amazing and there is still much more to learn from you! I can't wait to see you again.
Tima S. Montreal, Canada

Hi Rana,
You have helped me greatly with my situation and helping me make the right choices. It was such a difficult situation and you helped give me piece of mind in the decisions that I made as well as pointed me in the right directions for me to make the decisions I had to make. You have helped me in so many ways & I look forward to seeing you again sometime soon. The personal readings that you emailed me were very accurate. You said in a previous message that I am an amazing person, however, that being said, you are one of the most amazing and incredibly wonderful person I have had the pleasure to meet in my life. You have made my life better by giving me a gift of knowledge about myself and piece of mind to know that I can follow my heart and that inner voice that tells me when things are not what they seem to be and to trust in myself. Thank you so much for that. For a long time I doubted my feelings thinking that I was just over sensitive about certain things.  You showed me that I can trust my feelings and channel that to create a positive effect in my life. Thank you so much for all that you did for me. Big hugs.  :)

Mary F. IL


Rana George is Amazing. Her % to accuracy has guided me through the many changes, and reminds me of the sacred when working with the tools of the Reader and Healer.  We clicked immediately, and I can think of no one else that has stimulated and challenged my mind and soul metaphysically ever! Her knowledge and talent is nothing short of amazing.  I strongly recommend and support all that she has to offer you.  She has helped guide me in all ways, always.
Ebby S. TX

I have known Rana for 20 years.  In those 20 years, she has done numerous readings for me and my family.  I have found her readings to be eerily accurate.  I have learned when Rana tells me to do something or that I need to make changes, I take her advise with no questions asked.  I know that everything she says and does comes from a gift she has received from a higher power, and I know that she would never betray that gift.  Lastly,  Rana created charts for my children and by having her do this has given me the greatest gift of all, an understanding of who my children are and how I can help them become the people they are meant to be.  Thank you Rana for everything.
Nicole L. Washington, DC

It was my first reading and I thought it was very interesting and lots of fun.  I could relate to everything in the reading and that is what made it real for me.  There were changes in my life that I hadn’t told anyone about and they all came up during the reading and that is what made me like it.
Piero V. Canada


Rana's readings are insightful and informative. I felt like she really connected with me as well as my spirit.  She did a multiple reading using different decks.  This was really useful as one deck gave an overall picture of the issue while the second deck delved more deeply into the issue.
Lisa W. IL

You hit the nail on the head there, I'm so surprised it has come true, so you were totally spot on. Again I have been having work problems and there have been lies and deceit there, so you are VERY tuned in here too, I always trust my instinct, I have learned that the hard way, but I went with my gut feeling this time and I was right :o) - fab fab fab oh my - you have given me the advice I need - will let you know! - that is fab thank you so so much for that reading, it was fab fab fab, you are a gifted lady, and you should definitely stick to the on line readings, you are VERY good at them. thank you so much and I will definitely be back for more xx 
SIA. Ireland

As I've told you privately, the jewelry you designed for me is an integral part of the most joyous events of my life. I feel almost undressed going out for an evening without them now. Blessings, dear one! And thank you for being willing to reach and serve those of us who come to you.
Lisa A. FL

My reading was very detailed and comprehensive.  Rana took her time to explain and answer all my questions.  Very enlightning!  I loved it, will definitely go back!
Dania V. Canada

Thanks so much for your reading it was great.....it linked in so much with the main events in my life right now. I really appreciate your reading for me..I so relate to it.
Bel. Australia

I was lucky to have met you. You were very helpful, caring and instrumental while I was trying to take the next step in my life. Thank you for turning on the light. I will be seeing you again.
 John L. IL

Rana has helped me through a very tough time and I am very greatful for that. enough said!

Anna K. IL

I was skeptical at first, I didn't understand how this worked but I thought I would give it a shot and boy was I in for a surprise. I was floored, I couldn't believe it. I don't understand how that works but you are in my phonebook now:)
Kelly P. IL

That was awesome man, I can't believe you were so right on. Thank you so much I will be following your advise and will let you know.
James B. IL

Since at a very young age, I have witnessed Rana develop and use her special skills. I have watched her develop her psychic gifts since she was a teenager, I always believed her and believed in her.  She always tells me things and they happen.  She gives me advise, and I always follow. She is amazingly gifted.
Sana F. MD

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