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Zhenya said:   July 30, 2013 6:59 pm PST
Last week I had my first reading with Rana, and it was an experience that should convince the most hardened skeptic that there are larger forces at work in the universe and that exceptional intuitives like Rana are in touch with those forces. When the reading began, I did not pose a question, as one typically does with cards, nor did she ask me for any information (aside from two basic yes-or-no questions: “are you married?” and “do you have children?”) Then she laid out the Grand Tableau and, knowing nothing about me, proceeded to describe the recent past and the current events and key people in my life in eerily accurate detail. And while I can’t yet vouch for her predictions since the reading was only a few days ago, the way she saw things unfolding in the next few months made me feel as though she was reading my mind. She did not sugar-coat (“the next 3 months will be very difficult”) yet, through her amazing kindness and wise advice, gave me the courage to follow the right path (again, without any clues or questions from me) and faith in the successful outcome of doing the right thing, however hard it may be. She is also incredibly generous with her time and with her gift: after the Grand Tableau, she invited questions about any other specific concerns I might have. Thank you, Rana, for giving me such clarity, insight and “tools” to work with!

Shannon said:   July 20, 2013 8:09 pm PST
Rana George is such a gifted, talented & accurate intuitive. The world is truly a better and more magical place with her in it. She absolutely radiates with light & kindness and positive energy. I felt like I was reunited with a long lost sister when I started talking with her. I gained SO much from my reading with her...so much more than I ever expected. She is a great teacher (I read along the grand tableau she sent me a picture of as she guided me through my reading) it is also really exciting when she gets the "visions" or images that come up unexpectedly.... and it is scary ( in a good way) & amazing how accurate & helpful her visions & insights are. I walked away from this reading in utter & complete awe.....and with a whole new perspective & toolbox of answers & "exercises" (protection, healing & energy guarding) to help me on my journey through life....and make my experiences in this world more joyful and meaningful. I really feel that she is a very special person and she is very inspirational to me.... and I am honored that she read for me....I have a feeling I'll be talking to her a lot more in the future :-)

Meredith Easton Mendes said:   July 20, 2013 7:42 pm PST
Rana! I feel so honored and blessed to have met you. My reading with you was amazing; you went above and beyond...it wasn't just your accuracy that impressed me (I am a reader too!) but your kindness, even when sharing "bad news"...you were so compassionate in your delivery. You mentioned never using a timer and that aspect of your reading came through so clearly...you were so willing to make sure that you answered all my questions, no matter how long it took. There are so many ego driven intuitives in this business; you are raw and real, a beautiful, loving soul who also is very gifted. THANK YOU. I am so happy that I connected with you xo

Michele said:   July 17, 2013 3:30 pm PST
Dear Rana You use a glittery Dondorf; but let me tell you, you sparkle brightly from your heart. You are so caring. I felt I had an amazing experience to chat with you over my Grand Tableau Reading. You took so much time with me and explained everything. Your reading skills are exceptional. You used different techniques and verified exactly what you stated on your cursory glance of the GT-wow! I see another chat with you in my future! Blessings to you, Michele

Karin said:   July 13, 2013 6:15 am PST
Awesome and amazingly accurate and generous reading today - thank you for answering every last one of my questions, Rana!

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