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Anne Marie said:   March 21, 2014 1:14 pm PST
Just finished a reading with Rana and I have to say it was the best reading I've ever had. She has this amazing light and energy about her and - as someone who's beginning to learn Lenormand herself - she really guided me through a grand tableau step by step. Rana tells you exactly how it is, luckily there wasn't anything too negative for me, but the stuff that was she guides you through and really explains how to best move through it. Do yourself a huge favor and get yourself a reading with this lady pronto - you won't regret it I promise you.

Eduardo said:   March 4, 2014 1:07 pm PST
I had a Grand Tableau reading with Rana yesterday and I was really amazed how the Lenormand cards accurately said what's going on in my life right now. I'll just assume that what it said about the future was also right on. I'm now a firm believer in the Lenormand cards

Annette Pignalosa said:   October 23, 2013 3:44 pm PST
Wow! Amazing! Just finished a reading with Rana and this would have to be the most accurate and uncannily true reading I have ever had. Rana is such a lovely lady with a heart of gold and she takes the time to go over all the questions that you may have after she reads the Grand Tableau layout for you and makes sure that everything is covered that you would like to know. Very impressed and I would recommend anyone to have a reading with her!! Much love to you and thank you so much Rana from Annette

Chanah Liora said:   September 16, 2013 4:27 am PST
Rana gave me a reading when I was going through a particularly stressful time. The reading was dead on. It was in alignment with what I had suspected but didn't really want to accept. Seeing it in the cards and having Rana go over it made easy for me to let go and own it. It was re-assuring in that I was clear on what was going on, I wasn't over reacting to the situation. As a result I could respond instead of react where I needed to. Rana is compassionate and empathetic. If you are nervous about having a reading done, there is not need, as she will immediately put you at ease.

Jeremy Heath said:   September 12, 2013 6:26 am PST
Thank you for your awesome reading. You have a warm, loving energy in your home that was great to experience. My reading with you, was exactly what I am dealing with right now. The great gift from this reading is to trust myself and continue the path I have been on, but move more powerfully instead of taking baby steps out of fear. Thank you, Jeremy

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